Flowers, Gift Cards and Roses…

Good afternoon. Happy Belated Friday. Yesterday I decided to do catch up in my Home, because the Weather was Very Sunny and Warm. The season is Winter, the date is the 4 July 2020, the weather in West Australia has been very Wet and Cold for a few Weeks. I am sorry I did not post Yesterday, in the Afternoon after I had a short Lunch, I went outside in my Garden Area and sat in the direct Sun, and Read my Magazines, for 2 hours.

Today I am presenting you with on my Belated Friday, Website Post, with Past Paintings, and Gift Cards, I made for Paintings on my before Art Journey. From the years 2014 — 2017…

The Roses, are paintings I made last week, 2020, they are stickers, to be printed on sticker paper. I thought I would share them too…

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact me via the Contact form. If you like, do share and like. Thank you.

The following paintings are of the Flowers. The Gift cards, are in Cello envelopes, with envelopes behind the cards, I sell these cards, at Art exhibitions.

The Roses, are made to be printed onto sticker paper, then cut and used for stickers.

Thank you for visiting my website today. Have a Safe and Successful Week. Do Social Distancing, I look very forward to seeing you next Week…Bye…


I am creationsbymariec.art


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